Fun, family centred, strengths-based therapy

We work as a team with families using a neurodiversity affirming approach. We are fully mobile because we know working in familiar environments works best!

Our therapy is fun and interest based meaning that the children and young people we work with find our sessions fun, engaging and meaningful.

Initial Assessment

Our initial assessments differ depending on what your child needs. They will all include gathering a full case history from you about your concerns and your child’s strengths and needs. We will then carry out a full assessment of your child’s communication skills. For some children and young people, this might look like formal assessment using a standardised assessment battery. For others, it’s going to look like playing while we informally assess their skills and gather information.

We often include observation of our clients at daycare or school in our assessments too. Finding out what’s happening in everyday environments and interactions is important in our assessment and goal setting process. If appropriate, we will gather information from teachers, educators and any other health professionals on your child’s team. Following assessment, a full written report will be provided.


Following initial assessment, your Speech and Language Therapist will discuss the next steps for you or your child. Different types of therapy sessions are available, depending on what is recommended.
Individual Therapy


Sessions are conducted in familiar environments, focusing on the child or young person’s specific communication goals in everyday interactions. We work in partnership with parents, teachers and support workers to develop communication skills throughout the day, not just in our sessions. This might look like modelling strategies you can use with your child in play, in everyday routines like mealtimes, being in the classroom with your child during lessons and sharing strategies with teachers or even supporting communication during a family bush walk!

Where one to one sessions are recommended, which look more like individual play sessions or table top sessions, these are tailored to each child’s interests and activities carried out can be replicated by parents at home. We use what is already in your child’s environment in our sessions to allow this to happen more easily.

Small Group Therapy


We offer a range of small group therapy sessions based in locations across the Inner West & Ryde District. These are tailored to the interests and goals of those attending, using a neurodiversity affirming approach. These have ranged from Lego group, Minecraft, Craft and Jewellery making. Contact us to find out about a group near you!

Training & Indirect Therapy Support


We offer a range of general training and those that can be specific to your child or young person for daycares, schools and workplaces. We can also offer indirect therapy support, where we work only with parents, educators or employers on a regular basis, with a focus on specific goals for the client. Get in touch for more info on what we offer.



Telehealth sessions are tailored to your needs, offering the flexibility of Zoom or phone calls, based on your what is appropriate for you and your family.