Our Services For People With Autism

Our Therapists have a extensive skills in working with Autistic children, teenagers and young adults. 












How is Our Service Different to others? 

We work only in familiar environments such as home, pre-school, school, college or workplace. Research shows that Autistic people can find it difficult to generalise skills. This means that they are unlikely to be able to transfer skills taught only in the clinic setting, to a real life environment  or to situations with a range of different people. This is so important as we want therapy to have an impact on our clients everyday interactions.  After all, it is not useful if a child or young person is able to communicate with the therapist in the clinic room and nowhere else! Therefore, our service is very family centred. We work very closely with parents and carers to set and work on targets that are meaningful. 

What Does an Initial Consultation Look Like? 

In the first session, we 

  • Carry out observation of communication skills in a familiar environment of your choice

  • Discuss clients' needs with their parent, carer or with them

  • Discuss strengths, needs and what changes in their communication would make the biggest impact on their  lives

  • Carry out an individual assessment, focussing on areas noted in the discussion

  • Discuss findings and recommendations following assessment

Therapy Approaches


Our therapy is highly individualised. We work closely with parents, carers and clients to ensure that the therapy programme is motivating for our clients, working with and using their interests to support their communication development. For example, previous clients have had an interest in drawing specific objects/ playing Minecraft / watching certain TV programmes  and we have used these as an activity but embedded our goals into them.