5 Tips for Talking in the Kitchen!

Cooking is a fab activity for supporting communication development. This week ​​we're giving you our top 5 ideas to support communication development while in the kitchen.

1. Recipe Game

Place all the ingredients out on the table and ask your child to give you the ingredients as you need them. You can make this easier by showing a picture of what you need if it's part of your recipe book/ online recipe.

For your younger kids, you can say the ingredients as you pick them up. Naming the ingredients and showing them to your child will help them learn and eventually say the words.

2. Describing The Food

As you pick up the ingredients, you can also support understanding and use of concepts and adjectives by describing the food. Look at the foods and talk about how they feel or how they look. You can simply describe the colour, "red capsicum" or you can talk about the texture, "the avocado is bumpy/rough," "the capsicum is smooth".

3. The Cooking

Talk about what you're doing using simple language. Focus on the verbs (action words) to help your child learn these. 'Stirring the soup' Or 'Chopping the capsicum'. This will be even more powerful if your child is able to join in and do some of the actions themselves while you talk about what they are doing.

4. Sequencing

Talk to your child about what comes first, next and last in a cooking activity. This is easier for very simple 'recipes' such as Vegemite on toast. If you're feeling extra creative, it's fun to take photos of each step and talk about what you did later.

5. Eating

Yum! Eat what you've made together to share in the experience.

Talk about the different smells and tastes giving your child examples, "It tastes like tomato," or "it tastes sweet".

Keep your eyes peeled for our Supporting Communication in the Kitchen series. We'll be sharing lots of fun cooking activities and recipes! Coming soon!

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