5 Tips for Talking At the Park!

Sydney has so many amazing green spaces, from kids parks, to ovals to National Parks. That's why this week, we're sharing 5 tips to help your child's communication skills while playing at the park!

1. Kids Play Parks

The slide is a great place to practise "ready, steady, go"! Just like we did with our other Ready, Steady, Go activities, say "ready, steady..." and wait for your child to look or say, "go" before pushing them down the slide.

Model imaginary play to older pre-schoolers, pretending you are climbing up high to get away from the crocodiles or you are the king of the castle.

2. Footy (or other ball games)

Any ball games are great for learning verbs (action words). Simply comment on what you or your child are doing. Remember, your child has to hear words lots of times before being able to say them. For older children play games using more difficult verbs and concepts linked to sports such as, "long pass", "short pass", "dribble".

3. Swings

Swing time is also a perfect time to teach concepts. Talk about what you can see. For example, "You're swinging high," "I'm swinging low," "I'll push you softly".

You can make this one a bit harder for the older kids by using comparatives in a game of 'Who can swing the highest" or 'Who can swing the lowest without stopping'.

4. BBQ

For the younger kids, BBQ and snack times are fab for practising making choices. This helps your child learn new words and in turn use their language skills. You'll remember from our '5 Tips for Talking at the Beach' post, that you should always present your child with more than one option, even if you know what they will prefer. Ask them by saying, "would you like cucumber or blueberries?" holding out clearly each one as you say it to allow them to link the word to the food. Wait for them to reach for or look at their choice and say it again, "blueberries".

Your older pre-schoolers can help you with making some of the food! Help develop their sequencing skills by asking them what you need first, next, and last to make a sandwich.

5. Walking

Let's practice some prepositions with our older preschoolers!

  • I'm climbing on the log

  • I'm hiding behind the tree

  • The lizard is under the rock

  • Put your water bottle in the bag

  • I'm walking beside you

Little ones will benefit from hearing you comment on what they are doing or looking at using 1-2 word phrases.

With so many gorgeous spaces out there to explore, there is no end of ways you can help your child develop their interaction, play and communication skills!

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