Mother's Day Card Language Activity (This one can be forwarded to all the Dads out there!)

Since it's almost Mother's Day, I thought I would write a special post to show you how you can make a Mother's Day card while helping communication development! Here are some ideas of what you can do while making something to say thank you to all our lovely mummies!

That's right! A simple Mother's Day card can be a language activity! All you need is a piece of card and some colouring pencils or crayons. Fold the piece of card in half and start drawing!

  • Give your child a choice of colour of paper/card to use saying, "do you want blue or red". When they choose, name the colour, "red".

  • Name the colours your child is using to colour with

  • Talk about what they are drawing using simple language

  • ​For older kids who are using full sentences, you can ask them questions about what they are drawing, what they are going to draw next, what does mum like that they could draw etc.

  • If they are drawing Mum, you can name the body parts and clothes. If your child can already name these, add some words to what they have said. For example if they say, "Mum has brown hair", you can add, "yes, Mum has long brown hair".

  • For older kids, you can ask them what they want the card to say inside. Help out younger kids by giving some ideas such as "do you love mummy because she is funny or lovely or...?"

For younger kids who are not able to colour yet, you can do some finger painting and use the simple vocabulary to talk about what they are doing "red", "paint", "press".

Have fun and a happy Mother's Day to all our Sydney Mums!

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