5 Tips for Talking at Bath Time!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be giving you hints and tips on how you can help your child develop their communication skills in everyday situations. One great time for doing this is BATH TIME!

here are my Top 5 Tips for supporting communication

at Bath Time:

1. Name the toys your child is playing with using simple language e.g. duck, ball. This helps them to learn the names of the objects. Using too many words can make it difficult for them to pick out what the key ones are. Start with one word and as your child picks up more language, you can start to use 2 or 3 word phrases.

2. Teach cause and effect by playing 'Ready, Steady, Go!' Fill a jug of water, say, "ready, steady.....GO!' Once you have introduced the game, wait for your child to look to ask for go, or to say 'go'!

3. Teach body parts by naming them while you wash or dry them e.g. "arms", "feet", "tummy". If your child already knows their body parts, you can try a 'Simon Says' game e.g. 'show me your.... hands' or 'wiggle your toes!'

4. Talk about what you and your child are doing e.g. "splash", "pouring", "washing hair". Remember, if you're child is already saying a few words, you can add to what they have said. For example, if they say, 'duck' you can say 'yellow duck' or 'duck swimming'. This will help them to start using longer phrases.

5. Play peek-a-boo with the towel at the end of Bath Time - this one is always a favourite!

If you are struggling to think of ideas or to fit in times in the day to help your child's communication, let us know and we can try to feature it into one of our future posts. You can contact us here.

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