Our Therapists at Speech and Language Sydney have extensive experience in working with children and young people in a range of settings. These include mainstream and special primary and secondary schools, pre-schools, at home and in clinics. They are also able to support those transitioning from High School to College, University or into employment. 


Our Therapists have a focus on supporting children and adults with Autism or Social Communication difficulties. 


We are also experienced in working with children and adults presenting with:

  • Language Delay/ Disorder e.g. Specific Language Impairment

  • Learning Difficulties e.g. Down’s Syndrome

  • Speech Delay/ Disorder 

  • Childhood stuttering


We work differently to most other practices in NSW, working holistically and focusing on communication aims that are practical, useful and functional. We know from first hand experience that working closely with parents and teaching staff in a familiar environment such as home or school gives best results. Our therapy programmes and techniques are proven by research to develop communication skills not only in the clinic setting but across home life and throughout the school day.